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A Carrot in Paris

Fin alternative.

27 Décembre 2010 , Rédigé par NnewïaM Publié dans #Ecrits

Sorry lads, couldn't make it in French, Jane Austen wouldn't have appreciated.


'Your hands are cold', he said.

She did not answer. Her hands were effectively cold, but her brains were a bright hot red thing as she was trying to find a way to rush out of here. She risked an eye around her. Darcy was so tall she could not even make to the horizon. Elizabeth had been raised in a good family, her parents were not keen on swearing all the time though her little sisters would rather utter a good word once or so, but this situation was so despaired she could not think of anything else to say than 'For God's sake'. Of course this was not as dirty as a good 'Shit !' stuff, but it had the escounted effect : Darcy looked at her quite bemused.

'What did you say, darling ?' He was sure raised in a better family than Lizzie. She repeated the idea in a softer manner, but Darcy frowned before she explained.

'I'm not sure I heard you well, dear. Are you that cold ?'

Deep from her throat, an exasperated breath rose at Darcy's ears. Yes, she was cold, and no, he was not bothering her. Her lies put her in an uncomfortable situation. She was not the kind of girl wishing to marry the richest man in the world, and if she were, she would not in the love of God have chosen Fitzwilliam Darcy. Once he burst into her house to talk to her about the weather, she nearly had a heart attack. Nevermore, she thought, thinking about this brilliant genius named Edgar Allan Poe.

The furor lit in her eyes feared Darcy as he finally liberated Elizabeth's hands. He did not step back, actually his arms were now tightly gripped around her shoulders. Now she was in trouble. She fought against her repulsion, swallowed slowly and looked at Darcy's brown eyes. 'I do not love you', she whispered. He seemed to wake up from a long dream as she repeated strongly the sentence.



It has been nearly two years... as time goes on, I am sure now I love you as much as Elizabeth loves Darcy. Looking forward to the 27th of January, looking forward to lots of things... Love you.

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Mum 20/10/2012 11:24

C'est toi qui a écrit ça?? qu'est-ce que ça va être après une année en Irlande !?!

NnewïaM 20/10/2012 13:10

No idea ^^ Ca fait un bout de temps que je l'ai écrite, cette fin alternative ! ^^

SuperCertes 03/01/2011 13:52

Désolé, j'ai pas lu.


Jane Austen, ça fait parti des trucs que je ne PEUX pas. C'est impossible. C'est horrible.

NnewïaM 03/01/2011 21:32

O___o C'est une parfaite vision de la femme en Angleterre au début du XIXème siècle ! Une fresque magnifique, mémorable, avec une héroïne même pas très jolie mais qui a un esprit fin, très fin,
et qui combat Darcy avec des joutes verbales de folie... aaah enfin bref, c'est un joyau